For Sale Very nice purebred Jersey milk cow. Born 51413. Bred AI to an A2A2 Select Sires Jersey bull and due in late August. Presently milking around 4 gallonsday. Gentle and easy to handle she can be milked by hand or by machine. Asking$1750 Call
Purebred Jersey family milk cow born 72314. She has been confirmed to be A2A2 by UC Davis Genetic Vet Lab. She is gentle and easy to handle and can be milked by machine or by hand. Presently milking around 4 to 5 gallonsday. She was bred on 32019 by AI to a Select Sires purebred Angus bull. Asking $1800 for this very nice Jersey cow. Call
For Sale Purebred Jersey Cow. Born 91409. AI Sired. Tested A1A2 at UC Davis Genetics Vet Lab. Bred 9818 to Select Sires bull 7J1537 this bull is an A2A2 sire. This cow is gentle and easy to milk. Presently milking at about 5 gallonsday. Asking $1200. Call .
3 year old purebred longhorn bull.6 year old purebred longhorn cow.5 year old 34 longhorn 14 Angus cow.12 month old 78 longhorn brindle bull calf.Gentle cows, easy to handle. The calf was broke to lead as a baby. Bull throws nice, small, low birth weight babies. $3,500 for all.
We are taking orders for Bielefelder chicks for our April 10 and April 13 hatches.Pullets are $7, cockerels are $3.Bielefelders are docile dual-purpose large brown egg layers that make great additions to backyard flocks. They are also auto-sexing purebreds. So you always know if you are getting males or females.Our lines have been carefully selected for performance from Greenfire and Omega Hill...
We have 8 Bielefelder pullets and 2 cockerels availablePullets are $7 each, cockerels are $3 each.Chicks are from Greenfire and Omega Hills lines. Bielefelders are a docile auto-sexing dual purpose brown egg layer. They consistently lay large brown eggs and can provide plenty of meat for your family.As an auto-sexing purebred, pullets hatch with a chipmunk stripe and cockerels are light colored...